VersaFrame offers cutting-edge computational power (e.g. steel design, concrete design, plate elements, brick elements, p-delta analysis, sparse solver, frequency analysis, etc.) at a very affordable price.

The latest version features new and advanced design and analysis tools such as: freeze all except plane, story drift calculations and additional automatic geometry generators (nodes from grid, member by nodes, shell 4s by nodes and bricks by nodes). The new version of VersaFrame also has ability of defining tension only or compression only members and rigid diaphragms. Additionally, rigid diaphragms can be oriented in any regular or user defined planes which is a very unique and rare capability relative to other software. The new concrete design codes (ACI 2011 and ACI 2008) have been included inside of the Reinforced Concrete design portion of VersaFrame. The AISC 14th, 13th and 9th Editions of steel design codes are integrated as well.

VersaFrame is meant for the ‘average engineer’, the engineer who designs 70% of our infrastructure. The program has all the features needed to ‘get the job done’ without becoming overly complex – keeping you in total control.

VersaFrame can be run ‘graphically’ or numerically via spreadsheets, yet the user need not choose one method or the other. In other words, you can build your model using state of the art graphic editing commands AND/OR by entering data directly into the program via spreadsheets. The two methods of input are not mutually exclusive. For example, you can enter your nodal coordinates into a spreadsheet and then draw the beams using the mouse. You do not need to switch “modes”, click on any hidden windows/toolbars or run any special commands, simply enter/edit the data any way you like, at any time. If you’re looking for a program to design the next “Burj Dubai”, then VersaFrame is probably not for you. However, if you design low & medium rise buildings, industrial structures, tanks, towers, trusses, mat foundations, shear walls, beams or just about anything else, then VersaFrame is perfect for you. Like all Digital Canal programs, VersaFrame was written for the ‘average engineer’ to operate proficiently in a very short time span. It does not require painstaking and time consuming manual manipulation of an input file or the use of a complex “structural programming language”. The technical capabilities of the program encompass the needs of vast majority of projects you will ever encounter.