Retaining Wall

Digital Canal’s retaining wall design software, QuickWall, is a deceptively simple program that can design or check just about any retaining or basement wall in minutes. There are two main reasons QuickWall has been the industry standard for two decades: versatility and simplicity.

QuickWall can design walls constructed of cast-in-place concrete or masonry. These can be cantilevered or supported on the top and bottom (i.e. a basement wall). Because all of the footing components (toe, heel and key) are optional, QuickWall can design those irregular walls that other programs cannot. Another key to QuickWall’s versatility is the wide range of loads it supports – in addition to lateral soil pressure, loads can be placed virtually any place/direction on the wall or soil.

The latest release of QuickWall retaining wall design software was completely re-written using the latest advanced Microsoft technologies, including to-scale graphics that update in real-time with every change in input values. Reports automatically display in Microsoft Word, or the word processor of your choice.

Operation of the program consists of completing a couple of simple tabbed forms and pressing “Solve” – there aren’t any menus, toolbars or anything else to get in the way of you and your designs. This really is simple, fast, accurate and intuitive retaining wall design software.