Technical Specifications

Flat Slab Analysis and Design designs beamless concrete slab floors (flat slab or waffle slab) in accordance with ACI 318.  The analysis and design follow the equivalent frame analysis method of the ACI code, which considers a one-bay wide strip of the floor system as a continuous frame.

While the behavior of beamless concrete floors can be quite complicated, designing them with Digital Canal’s Flat Slab Analysis and Design is quite simple.  The user only needs to input the geometry and loads – the program does the rest!

Key program features include:

  • The strip may have up to 20 spans and cantilevers at the ends.
  • Calculations are performed in accordance with ACI 318-83.
  • Flat slabs may have drop panels at columns and columns may have capitals.
  • Shear stresses are checked at each column.  Stresses include punching shear as well as the eccentric shear due to portion of moment not transferred by flexure.
  • Flexural design includes top and bottom reinforcement for the column strip and middle strips of the slab.
  • The size, quantity and length of flexural reinforcement are printed in the report.
  • The total volume of steel and concrete, weight of steel per square foot of slab and surface area of concrete are computed.
  • Loads include area loads and partial loads (line loads/ partial span area loads) that are perpendicular to the design strip.
  • Digital Canal’s Flat Slab Analysis and Design can be bought separately—you don’t need to buy a “structural system” or “engineering library” to design a floor slab.
  • Reports are in Microsoft Word format (RTF) giving you unequalled compatibility with other software.
  • Flexible unit controls allow for US or metric designs.
  • User defined “default data” helps you eliminate redundant inputs from one design to the next.
  • Graphic “backgrounds” illustrate program inputs.
  • Simple file format—only one file per project, which can be opened and saved in typical Windows fashion.