Dubuque, Iowa, August 18, 2016, We have been continuously releasing new product features in our time proven SES Library to make you more productive and profitable. We are proud to announce another exciting NEW release, VersaFrame 8 is now available. Steel Design codes in VersaFrame 8 include the following: AISC 14th Edition (ASD and LRFD) design codes for Steel Design, AISC 13th Edition (ASD and LRFD), ASD 9, and LRFD 2. VersaFrame also provides the following Concrete Design Codes: ACI 318-11, 08, 05 and 02. NEW VersaFrame 8 features include the following:

  1. Import from file
    Now, you can quickly and easily import existing VersaFrame models from one file to another. Material, sections, thicknesses, geometry and boundary conditions along with concrete design criteria will be appended.
  2. Inactivate / Reactivate Elements:
    This command is used to remove an object from the analysis without removing it from the model (drawing). When the elements are reactivated, all objects are reactivated and their colors are restored.
  3. Rigid Link
    You can now define a Rigid Link section in order to account for section thickness at connection points. Self-weight of Rigid Links will be ignored by the program during solution process.
  4. Rigid Offset
    This command assigns offsets to the selected members. It will break each selected member into two or three members with either or both ends resulting into Rigid Links.
  5. Material Color Cues
    The elements in the model will now have automatic color codes. Concrete, wood and steel sections can be easily and quickly identified with unique colors. You can also change the default color from the Setting menu.
  6. Array
    You may now make one or more copies of selected parts of a model to a different location by defining x, y and z distances. You also have the new option to choose whether to copy nodal or elemental dependents as well.
  7. Concept of Levels and Freeze except Level
    This new feature allows you to define physical levels in your structure along Y direction. Once levels are defined, you are able to view a level plan by using the command View | Freeze all except Level.
  8. Torsional Moment Release
    In addition to major and minor axis moment release on a member, you can now release moment in torsion.
  9. NDS Sections
    In addition to standard Steel Shapes, the NEW release of VersaFrame features the NDS Shape table as per NDS 2015. Very nice addition.
  10. Enhanced Ease of Use in the User Interface
    You may now launch the section calculator from a dedicated button – “Manage Shape Database” in Member Section Window. This makes things faster and easier for you. You will also quickly find the VersaFrame Online Tutorial from Help | Online Tutorial.
  11.  Disable / Enable Hardware Acceleration
    If you encounter graphics issues in the software which usually is a result of faulty graphics drivers, you may disable hardware acceleration from Settings | Disable Hardware Acceleration from the Settings menu to avoid disruption or delays in your work.

VersaFrame 8 supports all recent Windows Operating Systems (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

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