Dubuque, IA, October 15, 2013 -Digital Canal Corporation, a leading provider of professional structural engineering and design software, announces the release of Masonry Wall – Version 7.

Masonry Wall 7 includes new and updated design codes, ACI 530 -11 and IBC 2012, Allowable Stress Design and Ultimate Strength Design code specifications. It can design both reinforced and un-reinforced masonry walls. The new version now enables users to design un-reinforced masonry wall by Ultimate Strength Design method.

Masonry Wall 7 software easily designs masonry walls for axial and out-of plane bending loads (wind and seismic). Wind and seismic analysis follow ASCE 7-10 and IBC 2012 design codes. Masonry walls can be constructed from either clay or concrete masonry and can be either reinforced or unreinforced using partial or full grouting. Unlike other programs or design aides that design for only flexure and/or axial flexure interaction, Masonry Wall also designs the wall for shear, deflections and P-delta effects. Masonry design properties are automatically computed by the program from the block unit strength and grout properties.

Masonry Wall 7 has been tested to perform optimally in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. The latest version of Masonry Wall (7) was completely re-written using the latest advanced Microsoft technologies, including to-scale graphics that update in real-time with every change in input. Reports automatically display in Microsoft Word, or the word processor of your choice.

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