Dubuque, Iowa, October 7, 2014, Digital Canal Corporation, a leading provider of professional structural engineering and design software, announces the release of Aluminum Design 3.

Aluminum Design Version 3 has now been ported into the modern Structural Engineering Library User Interface and features Windows Presentation Foundation technology. This technology is advanced and provides an attractive graphics interface which has large and very intuitive tabs and icons for easier operation. The new version features an intuitive and versatile Load Combination dialogue box which helps users to create, edit, copy and delete the load combinations in a simpler and faster way. We have implemented the modern SQL database system to enhance speed and simultaneously optimized communication with various operating systems. The Microsoft Word reporting capability is easier to use, more attractive and more consistent which makes it easy to follow the chronology of your design and analysis data.

A second release of Aluminum Design which will incorporate the AA 2010 Design Code will be forthcoming very soon as well. Aluminum Design 3 is fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.

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