Concrete Column Design Software

In your search for concrete design software for structural engineer firms, you should take a look at Digital Canal. With some of the most tested and time proven concrete column design software programs available today, these products also provide the most complete and quickest solution to your engineering design problems. Digital Canal also provides post purchase technical assistance to ensure that each client can be reassured that these products are exactly what they need to streamline their projects.

Concrete Column Design Programs for Structural Engineering

At Digital Canal, our concrete column design software for structural engineering is impressive. It can design concrete columns or check them for axial tension, biaxial moments and compression. The output includes:

  • Section dimensions
  • Number of bars
  • Bar spacing
  • Moment magnifiers
  • Interaction curves
  • And much more

The program was written with compatibility and simplicity in mind. Inputs are organized using dialog boxes. Just as with other Digital Canal products, your reports are created using Rich Text Format and will display in Microsoft Word Viewer. Other word processors can also be used. Some of the key features of the Concrete Column include:

  • Checks existing and designs new concreate columns that have circular, square or rectangular cross sections. The lateral reinforcements can be ties or spirals.
  • In addition to the number, size and orientation of the reinforcement, the computer provides the required sectional dimensions.
  • The concrete design software for structural engineer firms allows for three types of second order analysis when the thickness of the column needs to be considered. These three types include Refined Analysis, P delta Analysis and Linear Analysis.
  • Graphic output includes interactive diagrams for moments about both axes and a final section drawing. This type of output can be saved as a DXF file,

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