Retaining Wall


Product Description

Retaining Wall Design is a deceptively simple retaining wall software program that requires virtually no learning curve and designs or checks any retaining wall in minutes with unsurpassed accuracy. Dynamic graphics enable visual verification of input. A variety of loading conditions are available and the output reporting is easy to read, utilizing graphics that convey a very professional look and feel.

Digital Canal’s Retaining Wall software quickly and easily designs and checks retaining wall systems, including the wall, footing toe and heel and a footing key if necessary. Retaining Wall can check the capacity of an existing wall (including as “built” bar sizes and spacing) or determine the required dimensions and steel requirements. Walls can be constructed of cast-in-place concrete or masonry and can be cantilevered or supported on the top and bottom (i.e. a basement wall).

The retaining wall system (wall and footing) is designed or checked for stability (sliding, overturning, allowable soil pressure) while the components (wall stem, footing toe and heal, footing key) are designed for flexure and shear. Operation of the program consists of completing a couple of tabbed forms and pressing Solve.